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Solution: Inside Sales & Sales Support

Sales solutions from follow ups to virtual appointment options help you close more business.

Virtual Sales Calls & Enhanced Qualifying

Whether it’s for global pandemics or streamlined efficiency, offering virtual assessments gives your customers the convenience of a quick, easy solution on their schedule. We’ll examine your different sales calls to help set up the level of virtual appointment that’s right for your business, from facilitating data collection for your sales associates to even having our trained inside sales team create estimates for straightforward work orders based on your criteria and pricing. Virtual assessments and sales calls are going to become more important to customers over the coming years, and we’re here to help you offer this crucial service in the best way for your business.

Lead Generation

Have a long list of outbound calls that need to be made from a home show, marketing campaign, or purchased contact list? Want to start a referral campaign from last year’s happy customers? Need to contact last quarter’s lost sales for a new promotion? We’ll set up your call campaign with you based on how hot or cold the leads are and convert them to appointments on your calendar.

Sales Call Follow-ups

Studies show that it takes at least 5 positive touches before a sale is made. If you don’t close the sale onsite, don’t let it slip away just because you’re busy with more field calls. Let us follow up for you. When you leave a sales call, report your notes to your dedicated team and set a follow-up protocol appropriate for each lead. We keep the pipeline flowing by ensuring those calls are made on schedule, answering easy questions and scheduling customers ready to close the deal, freeing up your time to only addressing the questions that truly need your attention.

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