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Solution: Customer Service Representative

Live Engagement Specialist

According to research published by Forbes, 80% of customers who ring to voicemail won’t leave one and won’t call back. With our dedicated specialists and extended hours, you’ll never miss a call.

Smart Qualifying

The biggest advantage to CSS over other services is how we convert our experience in field services to smart appointment setting. We’ll work with you to set a process to fill your calendar with quality appointments. By engaging with each customer, we can ensure appointments meet the required criteria and impart important information and context of the customer’s concern to you before you arrive onsite.

Confirmation Calls

If an appointment is scheduled more than a few days in advance, we’ll call to confirm and reiterate any preparations the customer needs to make so you’re not showing up to an empty or unprepared house.

Service Scheduling

So you made the sale! We’ll work with the customer to schedule the job and alert your service team.

Custom Scripting & Professional Representative

The majority of the time, the first interaction a potential customer has with your company is a phone call. Make sure the impression they get is a good one right off the bat: no wooshing highway sounds, no juggling tools and calendars, no distractions. Our only focus is your customer and representing your company with warm professionalism.

Efficient Scheduling

We have a foundation in field services. We know that some jobs and appointments take longer than others, and that travel time from one site to the next needs to be scheduled in, too -- and that your day needs to be mapped intelligently. We pay attention to your logistics so you stay on time, all the time.

Cancellation "Fire Drills"

If an appointment does cancel, we will refer to your curated cancellation list, if applicable, to attempt to replace the cancelled appointment with another one, keeping your day moving.

Our most popular solution, we provide more than an answering service. Here’s what we include in our service:

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