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Solution: Administrative Services

We'll keep your business running smoothly so you can focus on your field services.

Employee Management & HR

If you have employees, you have administrative needs. From onboarding to compliance to CEU tracking to time sheet and time off management, benefit administration, and more, we’ll take the HR duties off your hands so you can spend less time worrying about maintaining your business and more time focused on growing it.

Benefits & Insurance

We work with contractors all over the country. We understand that your benefits and insurance needs are different from other businesses, and we can help you find and implement the right packages for you. We’ll assess every year as you come up for renewal to make sure that as your business grows, your package still meets your needs as well as local & federal compliance -- for the best rates. 

If you need more in depth services, we can also manage ongoing items like claims support and billing & deduction management.

Bookkeeping Services

Keeping track of your income and expenses day to day is crucial for you to run your business and make decisions on a daily basis. Our bookkeepers will record and organize your money in and money out, maintaining your general ledger to make sure you always know where your company’s financials stand.

Accounting & Tax Services

With two levels of accounting services, you can either choose a minimalist plan to have us prepare and file your annual taxes for a few weeks a year, or you can have us work with you throughout the whole year to help you keep a trained eye on your business’s financial health, analyze and interpret data, compile reports and financial statements, and, of course, prepare your taxes. 

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